About us

Czym Chata Bogata

Having lived for many years in a hurry, under stress, somewhere between a car, plane, office and our home we started to dream about an aosis, where we could live in line with our own rythm. We wanted to live every day, not from weekend to weekend, in contact and alignment with nature and animals. And we found our oasis here, in Kocień Wielki. We bought a beautiful old house, which we renovate, adorn and pamper it every day. We adopted and bought animals, which give us a lot of joy and energy. In our garden we grow vegetables, so we can enjoy fresh food and prepare pickles for the winter. We are not running a hotel or guesthouse - we invite our guests to our home and our life. We want to be able to share all the wonderful things we found here - peace, relaxation, birds singing in the morning, tradition, nature, walks in the forrest, fresh local food or possibility to cuddle our cats. If you want to unwind, run away from the daily rush and charge your bateries - we will be very happy to welcome and host you in our home.